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My classes not only teach the traditional Reiki and it's history but I also incorporate the human energy system and how Reiki works within that system.  I also incorporate into my classes how Reiki can open and lead someone on their spiritual path and so to that end I introduce basic universal laws and introdction into the spiritual world as it applies to Reiki.
Please check my class outlines for more information as the subjects covered.

There are many styles and types of Reiki and it is strictly a personal decision as to which types you are drawn to learn.  Many teachers have backgrounds in various styles and can incorporate those aspects they feel are worthwhile to their own teachings.  Let you intuition guide you as to what and when Reiki is right for you.



Level I, First Degree

The first degree Reiki course, sometimes given the Japanese name of Shoden (meaning "'Elementary/Entry Teachings"), teaches the basic theories and procedures. By studying Level I, you are taking the initial step into a sacred and powerful healing practice.  First degree lays the necessary groundwork in creating the open channel for Reiki to flow.  Depending on the teacher one or more "attunements" are given to the student. Each “attunement” is directed at raising the vibration frequency  of  the students energy field and activating energy centers in the body. Students learn hand placement positions on the recipient's body that are thought to be most conducive to the process in a whole body treatment.  Having completed the first degree course, a Reiki practitioner can then treat himself and others with Reiki. Course duration is dependent on the Reiki Master Teacher. 


Level II, Second Degree

In the second degree Reiki course, sometimes given the Japanese name of Okuden (meaning "Inner Teachings"), the student learns the use of a number of symbols that are said to enhance the strength and distance over which Reiki can be exerted. Level II focuses and intensifies Reiki I energy by involving the use of symbols to form a temporary connection between the practitioner and the recipient. Another attunement is given, which is said to further increase the capacity for Reiki to flow through the student, as well as empowering the use of the symbols.  The student is taught the power/universe symbol, emotional/mental symbol and the distant healing symbol. Having completed the second level, the student can work without being physically present with the recipient - a practice known as "distant healing". A student must have completed Level I from any other certified teacher to take Level II Reiki. Depending on the teacher, it is usually recommended to wait a few months or longer after taking Level I to allow one’s body to adjust and learn how to use the new energies.



Level III, Third Degree

Through the third degree, or "master training" sometimes given the Japanese name of Shinpiden (meaning "Mystery Teachings"), the student becomes a Reiki Master. In Reiki terminology, the word "master" does not imply spiritual enlightenment, only that one has achieved a certain level of knowledge. In some styles Master can actually refer to a Master-Teacher, one who has the ability to teach Reiki and pass on the “attunement” process. According to the specific branch of Reiki III, either one or more attunements can be carried out and the student learns the Reiki Master symbol. Another “attunement” is given and again intensifies and strengthens the energy already within one’s body.  A student must have completed Level II Reiki from a certified teacher to take Level III.  Depending on the teacher, it is usually recommended that a student wait for at least 6 months or a year after taking Level II to allow one’s body to properly adjust to and learn how to use these energies.



Level IV, Master-Teacher

Level IV or Master-Teacher are for those students that would like to teach and attune others to Reiki.  Having completed the master training, the new Reiki Master can attune other people to Reiki and teach the three degrees. The duration of the master training can be anything from a day to a year or more, and may require a student to intern, depending on the school and philosophy of the Reiki Master giving the training.  Again, depending on the teacher, it is usually recommended that a student wait for a given period of time before taking this level.  This is a commitment and responsibility that one decides to take on after much thought and consideration. 

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