We are so honored that the some of our clients were kind enough to send us feedback on their Reiki sessions.
It is a priviledge and a responsiblity for us to always provide a caring and nuturing session to anyone who comes for a session.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to share our gifts with you.


Vicki Harris is one of the most gifted Reiki practitioners and spiritual healers I have ever met! 
I have seen many miracles occur as a result of her work.  I have co-taught Reiki classes with
Vicki in the past and she is a gifted and compassionate teacher as well.  If you’re looking
for a Reiki teacher who truly understands how and why Reiki works, and can relay this
information in a clear, concise way then this is your teacher!  
- Kelly Larsen/Chandler, AZ


At first, I was skeptical when I was asked to experience a Reiki session.  I finally relented
and had my first Reiki session in January 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised of the sense
of relaxation that occurred.  I was in such a relaxed state, I briefly fell asleep! 
I highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing stress and anxiety in his or her lives. 
I look forward to many more sessions.


-Thomas Fisher, Phoenix AZ


I was experiencing lots of stress and loss of sleep prior to starting Reiki 
sessions.  Since multiple Reiki sessions I can feel the difference like day and night.
I have been more relax, my sleep is better and overall it has taught me to be
more relaxed person overall.  I strongly recommend it to try. it yourself.
- Raj/ Phoenix, AZ
 Dear Vicki,  Wow, you have really opened my eyes to what Reiki can do!
I came in and didn't even share with you that my back was hurting
and you told me that you were guided to work on my back.
Not only did I feel relief from the pain, but was also relaxed and
had a great night's sleep!  Thank you for bringing in more peace
in my life!  
Thanks again, - Jen, Tempe, AZ  

A few months back I was diagnosis with Bell Palsy, a great friend of my  
ask to try a Reiki. So I did after two Reiki sessions and a month after I  
was diagnosed, my Bell Palsy and the stress I had was gone. I felt more  
relax and very happy.   
Thanks Prescilla and Vicki for helping me. 
-Hector/Phoenix, AZ     

Last May 4th, 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  One week later, on May 17th, 2010, my husband Jay was killed suddenly by a motorist while riding his bicycle home from work.  I thought to myself, how could I possibly survive all of this emotional pain?  How could I continue going on being the mother I wanted to be to our 5 year old daughter, mentally and physically?  Enter Vicki Harris, Reiki Master and now dear friend.  Vicki taught me through Reiki how to listen to my body, to heal myself, to envision the light force energy.  I have never had any energy work before and honestly never really gave all of this any thought.  I started with an open mind and an open heart and now am such a believer that I get almost too excited telling my family and friends about what we can do when we tap into that energy.  I am now cancer free, armed with a new outlook on a new life.  Thank you, Vicki and thank you Reiki.

-Angela F., Tempe, AZ


I have been receiving Reiki with Prescilla Pappas for over a year now on a monthly basis.  I have experienced some amazing transformations in my life since that period.  I have gained self confidence due to the relaxation and wellness that this spiritual process provides and this has taken me to new heights in my profession as well as my personal life.  This aura of wellness allows you to really see the path that you are meant for and a process in which to attain it.  I recommend Reiki to anyone who is looking for wellness and spiritual harmony.

-Diane Bowman/Phoenix, AZ

I have known Vicki for many years. I have received Reiki
treatments from her and so have many of my friends and colleagues.
I always feel more balanced and grounded after one of her Reiki
treatments. Everyone I know has had a healing experience from her.
She is the real deal!   -Maxine N, Tempe, AZ

I would recommend Vicki Harris, Reiki Master, to anyone who is in need of physical or emotional healing. When we suddenly lost our son a few months ago, I thought the darkness would enshroud me forever, but a few sessions with Vicki enabled me to begin the process of lightening my heart. She is a powerful energy healer, although I suspect she will say the energy is my own and that she is aiding me to direct it. Whatever the case, she has been a great help to me. Not only is she extremely gifted in her work, but she is also a very compassionate and loving  person. My life has been enriched in many ways by Vicki Harris

-GayLee F,  Tempe, AZ

Prescilla is an amazing Reiki healer.  Sessions with Prescilla 
have brought to me many healing effects in the physically, spiritually
and emotionally realms.  I have recommended Prescilla to ALL
of my family and friends, and can testify that her bright light has
 healed in ways that I never dreamed were possible.  

-Aileen F./Phoenix, AZ

I have taken my Reiki I and Reiki II training with Vicki Harris.  She was referred to me be a trusted friend and colleague and I had been looking for classes for a while and everything seemed to align with the timing of the classes and my having the time to commit to the classes.  Vicki is an absolute blessing in every sense of the word.  She is caring and compassionate.  The classes are small and intense, and she gives you an amazing background of her knowledge and skill.  I really like that she adds things that have enhanced her practice to show many options available to you in your pursuit of Reiki.  Prescilla, was at both sessions and added her own touch by allowing us to practice on her and sharing the feelings she had during the treatment.  This helps a lot when you are first learning and you are not sure how the recipient was feeling.  I feel very blessed to know both Vicki and Prescilla, and look forward to furthering my Reiki knowledge with their help and guidance.  If you are fortunate enough to share this amazing course with them, I am confident you will be as pleased as I was.

Gillette H./Gilbert, AZ

I have known Vicki Harris for many years and can personally attest to her divine connection to true healing.  When some one like Vicki has this connection you will see results that are more lasting because healing begins at a level western medicine alone does not reach.  Try a session and you will see what I mean.  She has wisdom, kindness, and compassion that accompany her healing session.  She has a direct connection with the Medicine Buddha and you will be able to feel better and more profoundly than with conventional medicine.

Susan U./Modesto, Ca

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