The following websites are individuals that are either enlightened or spiritually advanced.  Most of them offer Spiritual Development programs and are excellent sources of wisdom and information to help you on your path.

Sadhguru -  Is the self-actualized master that is written about in Cheryl Simone's book - "Midnights with The Mystic".  His love and compassion for all mankind can be felt in his presence.  He has an excellent yogic practice called Isha Engineering that can help one balance and bring peace to their lives.

Dr. Pillai - also known as Dattatreya Siva Baba is another self-actualized master.  His understanding of the universe, energy and the mind is truly remarkable. He is also the founder of Astroved - a website dedicated to vedic astrology  practices that can enhance and improve one's life.

Sifu Kelly Larsen, RN, CMT - Is a well known Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Speaker and Author who has dedicated her life to helping others understand and find their inner power.  Her book "Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Power" is an exceptional book full of insights and practical applications to help one evolve and assist one in identifying and walking their spiritual path.

William Meader is an Esoteric Philosopher and Astrologer.  His knowledge on mysticsm, esoteric philosophy and the Ageless Wisdom is the basis for his teachings and seminars.  His understanding of karma and the soul's destiny is written about in his book - "Shine Forth, The Soul's Magical Destiny".

Dr. Deepak Chopra is a world renowned authority on mind body- healing, a world renowned best seller author on alternative medicine, healing, mediation, spirituality and peace.  A truly inspiring and gifted indiviual who can provide insights and wisdom to one's life.

The Dalai Lama - Spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and world renowned for his commmitement to the betterment of all individuals through peace,  love and understanding.  He is a proponent of inter-religious harmony and happiness.

William Bodri is a well known author on meditation and spiritual practices.  His collaboration with a well know enlightenend Zen Master, Nan Huai-Chin is the basis for his meditation and spiritual teachings and articles.  His website is an excellent source for beginning meditators and comparative basics of the various religious doctrines and practices.

Dr. Wayne Dyer - was a world renowned motivational speaker and author.  He is known for his ability to bring complex spiritual tenets to the masses in an inspirational and useful way.


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